What University Students Should Avoid on Campus (2023) – Bad Habits to Avoid

This will enable you to know what to avoid and things to put you through and What University Students Should Avoid on Campus and also what you should do. We have Bering able to lay down some things that will enable you to scale through your years of degree.

All students from What University Students Should Avoid on Campus and what should be done. All students should exercise the practice as chrucial as it is. Follow the guidelines as listed below. It’s includes the problem students face, the habit to avoid as student, safety tips for students and way to go.



What University Students Should Avoid on Campus – Habit to avoid.


1. Avoid bad friends and Peers
If you are a university student you will find some that some people are very unserious they do not attend lectures and they always hang around with ladies or other friends that have the same habits as they do so you have to avoid them.
2. Never miss lectures and attendance.
Some university lecturers consider attending lectures, which is determined by attendance, as prerequisite, if you do not attend their lectures you will definitely carry over their course even if you score 50+ in their exam.

3. Never miss tests
Test is also compulsory for it holds 40% of your exam mark so you need to make sure that you write your test and read very hard before you encounter it.
4. Try not to have carry over.
It is through reading very hard, attending lectures, writing tests, befriending a good, smart and serious students and praying that you will not have a carry over, and even if you have it try to defeat it at once.
5. Ask your friend for the lectures you missed because of some excuse that is unavoidable.
Sometimes, no matter how serious you become you might have something inevitable that would ban you from attending lectures like sicness, or something like that, so in case of that you need to one of your friends whom you know is a very serious to his study to give you the lectures so that you will copy and study them.
6. Revise your lecture notes.
One of the mistakes we make, as unversity students, is that we do not read our notes unless when the exam approaches so we need to avoid this.
7. Make sure that you write assignments when they are given.
Failure to write an assignment is a very big mistake which may lead to carrying over a course or even spilling it over, so we need to be very careful with that.

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