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Have you got how to use First Bank Transfer Code? We will be briefing you all you need to know about how to Protect FirstBank Account with Unique USSD Code. For we will be able to educate every student and general public who may be finding it difficult to transfer money to another account or to an account that needs an urgent attention.

So we have tried all our best to ensure that you have a safe and fast way of with First Bank Transfer Code of cash to any individual you may be willing to credit his or her account. We will also be showing you how to use the FirstBank Transfer code in your device.

Meanwhile, you have to take cognizant of all the available means to Protect FirstBank Account with Unique Code. In this platform as expected to, note that the codes will be used to do so many other things this depends on the Transfer, airtime purchase payment and you may be willing to use it for Subscription of data.

Do well to stay in touch with us as we brief you all you need to know about How to Protect FirstBank Account with Unique USSD Code Number.

Keep reading for more details on the procedures to Secure and Protect your First Bank Account using your ATM and SmartPhone. Just as they say ignorance is a disease this is actually to spur you to the point that every transfer is done efficiently and effectively.


All Bank Transfer Codes in Nigeria & How to Buy Data from Your Bank Account


How to Protect FirstBank Account With Your Unique USSD codes


Most definitely, you are in the right track and are here to ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

You may use USSD Code which simply because we wanted to protect your payment details, we created this unique USSD Code for your safety. Dial *894*99# to get started.

Now, you can sit back and receive money from anyone and anywhere right from the comfort of your home. And what’s more? Payment can be made from any phone.

No data required, it only require the Unique USSD number for Security, Security Tips, Protections Against Fraud, Security and Privacy, Personal Checking Account, Protect your Bank Account from Scammers, Hackers and Fraudsters, How to Block Your Account By Yourself, FirstBank Cardless withdrawal, FirstBank Account Balance, FirstBank fingerprint and many more.


Steps to Protect FirstBank Account With Security Code Enrollment


There are different codes that will enable you secure your bank details as expected buh you have to ensure that you are using the same phone number used to open your first bank account.

More over, these security code is to ensure you protect your first bank account from scammers. There may be an instant whereby one may misplace is SIM card and may be used by an unauthorized persons. Buh with the codes below you secure them.

With the codes you can as well make subscription into your network provider, it’s as easy as possible. With this USSD codes you can also get to use FirstBank Cardless withdrawal which ensure that you withdraw from your FirstBank Account without ATM Card. Checkout the FirstBank USSD Code below;


How to Register and Activate First Bank Transfer Code


  1. FirstBank customers would only have to dial *894*Your USSDCode*Amount#.
  2. Other banks’ customers would dial *402*Your USSDCode*Amount# or *Their Bank
  3. USSDCode*000*Your USSDCode+Amount# and you get credited instantly.
  4. It’s time to keep your account details personal. Send your unique USSD Code instead.
  5. Dial *894*99# to get coded now and get paid too.


Basic Requirements For First Bank USSD

Transfer Codes


These also have to do with how to buy airtime from your FirstBank Account to FirstBank Account, From FirstBank Account to other banks. It’s only left to follow the right steps and procedures.

Meanwhile, there are some requirements inorder to use the first bank USSD Transfer code and protect FirstBank Account do well to note the following requirements;


  1. First bank mobile banking is open for the First bank account holder.
  2. First bank mobile banking is available for users 24 hours ( this implies that you can enjoy first bank USSD code any time any day)
  3. The phone number must be registered with First bank ( You must have used the phone number to open first bank account )
  4. First bank mobile banking is available to all network subscribers ( MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile)


How to Check GTbank Account Number Using Phone Number, USSD Code and SMS

How To Register/Activate First Bank USSD Banking Codes


Here are the FirstBank Transfer code;

  1. Dial *894*0# and send, select your preferred debit card.
  2. Enter your 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the debit card.
  3. Now you can enjoy First bank ussd banking.
  4. How To Send Money To other bank Using First Bank Transfer Code
  5. To transfer money from first bank to other bank in Nigeria *894*Amount*Account Number# Eg. *894*90000*0056738973#.


FirstBank Cardless withdrawal – How to withdraw Without ATM card


Take the following steps below;

  • Simply dial *848*Amount#
  • Follow the instructions on screen, then authenticate the transaction with your PIN.
  • Create the 4 digit pin as requested, it’s a one time password for the cash withdrawal.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw and press send.
  • Then you will receive a message containing a 12 digits pay code.
  • Once you receive the message, located the nearest first bank ATM.
  • Press Enter button on the ATM.
  • Then enter your personal pin and select cardless withdrawal/Paycode.
  • Then input your 4 digits one time password that you created above.
  • After that enter your pay code (12 digits code sent to you as SMS).
  • Input the amount you requested for withdrawal and your phone number.
  • Then wait patiently for the ATM to verify your details and dispense cash.


NOTE: There are some ATM stand that dont make use lay emphasis on Cardless withdrawal but they use PayCode. It’s left for you to select pay code thereafter proceed with your transaction.


How to Check First Bank Account Balance on your Phone


Do this👇;

  • Simply dial this short USSD code on your phone * 894*00#
  • A message from your phone will pop using telling you the amount in your available balance.
  • You’re good

Note : it’s is important to note that the First bank checking charge for customers is stipulated to be #10 any time you want to check your account balance. Also ensure you make use of the phone number used to register your FirstBank Account.


How to Download FirstBank Mobile App


Here you will need to go through the process of FirstBank online Internet Banking and ensure a safe and smooth running of mobile banking.


Now you go follow this steps wey I go show you”


  • To register for first bank online banking CLICK HERE.
  • Fill your details correctly. You will be asked to create 5 Digits Security PIN after registration for WAP and USSD.
  • Once Your account have been created successfully, then you will receive a mail.

To activate your first bank mobile app do the following;

  • Proceed to login to your First bank Internet profile link or you can register now. CLICK ON REGISTER NOW.
  • The next thing is to Input your Verve card or Master card details and password.
  • There will be a one time password OTP will be sent to the number that’s linked to this bank account.
  • Afterwards, input the login details, use what you can remember and don’t share with friends.
  • You will be asked to answer two (2) security questions.
  • Finally, create a four (4) digit PIN to authorize transactions.

Warning on Security Tips on How to Protect FirstBank Account


  1. Ensure all customers Keep their records with First Bank up to date at any of our branches close to you.
  • Also ensure you don’t reveal your online banking password, token response, card number or ATM pin to anyone.
  • Note that First Bank will never request for these secret details from you.
  • Report suspicious calls to 07080625000, 014485500 or email

Contact First PLC on:

014485500 07080625000


First Bank Swift code




First Bank Loan Requirements


  • You are an active customer of the bank
  • You have a business or corporate account in Sterling Bank
  • You have a registered business or company
  • You have a good Credit Bureau Report
  • You have been trading for some time (one to three years should be enough)


How to Apply for First Bank Business


  • You will need to fill in a loan application form and provide supporting documents, such as:
  • Your company’s profile Bank statements Details about the collateral you are willing to offer
  • Proof of your address Your business plan Means of identification Cash flow budget

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