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List of Bells University Accredited Courses for 2023/2024 Academic Session – General Eligibility

If you have been searching for the List of Bells University Accredited Courses we have been able to lay down all you need to know about the courses in Bells University well as the details of the Bells University Accredited Courses Requirements for Post UTME 2022/2023 Academic Session.

Now do well to make good use of this platform to know the qualifications to go about the online registration as required. We have not just the List of Bells University Accredited and Approved Courses By Bell Universitiy we have got how to go about the Bells Universitiy Post UTME  Registration. Therefore, Keep reading to get more update on List of Approved Courses Offered By Bells University.

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Bells University Accredited Courses

College of Natural and Applied Sciences (4/5 YEARS)

A. Department of Biological Sciences

– B.Sc. Microbiology
– B.Tech Biotechnology

B. Department of Chemical, Food and Nutrition Sciences

– B.Sc. Biochemistry
– B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry
– B.Sc. Chemistry
– B.Tech. Food Technology
– B.Tech. Food Technology (Food Science with Business)
– B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics
– B.Sc. Culinary Science and Hospitality Management

C. Department of Physical Sciences

– B.Sc. Physics with Electronics
– B.Sc. Applied Mathematics with Statistics

D. Department of Computer Science and Information Technology

– B.Tech. Computer Science
– B.Tech. Information Technology

College of Management Sciences (4 YEARS)

– B.Sc. Accounting
– B.Sc. Business Administration
– B.Sc. Economics
– B.Sc. Finance and Banking
– B.Sc. Management Technology

College of Environmental Sciences (4/5 YEARS)

– B.Sc. Architecture
– B.Tech. Building Technology
– B.Tech. Estate Management
– B.Tech. Quantity Surveying
– B.Tech. Surveying and Geoinformatics
– B.Tech. Urban and Regional Planning

College of Engineering (5 YEARS)

– B.Eng. Biomedical Engineering
– B.Eng. Civil and Environmental Engineering
– B.Eng. Computer Engineering
– B.Eng. Electrical Electronics Engineering
– B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering
– B.Eng. Mechatronics Engineering
– B.Eng. Telecommunication Engineering

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Bells University Post UTME Form /Bells University Accredited Courses

  1. Firstly vivist the Bells University Application Portal @
  2. Read the information displayed on the page carefully, scrolling from top to bottom, and click on the application link that applies to you
  3. You will be asked for your preference of payment, ePayment or to Pay at any Bank Branch. Select your preference
  4. After payment, proceed with your registration.
  5. If your choice of payment was ePayment,
  6. Proceed and make payment using a Mastercard that is registered at your bank, for online
  7. payment.
  8. Print out your receipt, after you have successfully made payment.

Method of Application

  • Proceed immediately to fill the online application form and print out your application information.
  • If your choice of payment was Pay at any Bank Branch ,
    Print out your payment slip that tells you your reference number, how much you are expected to pay at the bank and also, the Bank and Account number to pay into.
    After payment, come back to the portal with your teller and proceed with your registration for screening.
  • Fill the online application form and print out your application information.  APPLY HERE NOW 

Important Information on Bells University Post UTME Screening

All Candidates should visit the screening centre that is most convenient for you, along with the following:

  • The receipt your printed from the portal after online payment, or your teller from the bank
  • The application form you printed from the portal after registration
  • Passport Photographs
  • Two referee reports. One preferably from your secondary school, the second, a clergy
  • Birth Certficate
  • Credentials, if available
  • Your UTME Result.

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