Personal View Points as Federal Government Approves Reopening of All Schools

After a long awaited day, the Federal Government has decided that all Schools will get to resume all academic session from Primary, Secondary School and Tertiary Institution. As FG Approves Reopening of school in Nigeria,  It’s been over six months that the Lockdown and pandemic has really infringe on the academic of the students as well as one who needs to be recruited. Meanwhile, the requirements for the studies should be set aside for the learning process of all candidates or students and pupils.

Consequently, most students may be happy as regards this new developments while some may not be cool simply because they need to make some money before they could pay up their School fees.

Consequently, the ASUU strike need to be looked into to enable tertiary institution proceed to commence academic activity inorder to meet up the usual academic session to hesten up all activities as expected.

In the same vein, student should be sent to resume as soon as the strike is called off. Simply because most students upon calling off the strike they will probably fell lest concerned about getting back to school even after the delay if staying indoor or out of school for a very long period of time.

However, in the part of lecturers and management of institution,  when the strike is been called off they should ensure that all academic activity commence as at when do and not stay away from class or just giving handout to student to go read knowing fully well that they have missed alot the while been away from lecture.

FG Approves Reopening

In the order hand, parents should ensure they carry their children along as regards payment of fees and ensuring they ain’t left behind in all Academic pursuit this will help broaden their learning skills and knowledge as at when due.

All Schools curucullar activities should kick off inorder to meet u with the semester by giving the course allocation to student and get the courses available for the semester. Most students find it difficult to cope at first instance of resumption when the courses and lecturer ain’t asign. But now that the Covid 19Pandemic has really disrupt the whole system.

Air your views below in the comments section as expected.


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