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Ebonyi State University EBSU Online Transcript Request Form has being made easy for Applicant and graduate who which to go further in their education in any Institution Postgraduate school. It is in this cause that we wish to inform you on How to Request for Online EBSU Transcript Form Application Portal by following the procedure as seen below.

Therefore, you will be glad that you have now be ease of the stress of having to go to the EBSU campus or to the admin units to send your transcript will be a thing of the past. Therefore, follow the instructions and Guildelines as on how to pay, request and download EBSU Transcript Form Application Portal.

How to Obtain EBSU Transcript Request Form Online Application Portal


Ebonyi State University Information on EBSU Transcript Form Request Download

Generally, as part of Ebonyi State university’s efforts to increase her visibility and serve her students both present and former in a more efficient way, Ebonyi State University has introduced a new way for you to place your transcript orders using the e-transcript platform. The platform will provide the possibility to order and pay for your academic EBSU Transcript Form Online.


It is important to note that using this platform, there is no longer need for you to visit Ebonyi State university premises or send a friend or relative and also call any university staff to apply for your academic transcripts as the current platform saves time and money.


What is Transcript?

Transcript is a detailed record of your marks or grades that has been generated by your current or former Institution. It is important to register and apply so as Admission will be forwarded in your current programme.

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