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If you want to Create NYSC Profile Account During NYSC online Registration there are some basic information and things to be done to ensure you have a successful Registration as expected. Prospective Corp Members are expected to note the requirements for online registration to be carried out at the NYSC official Portal. Most people fall victim of doing to the wrong things because they ain’t informed about the proceedings as regards NYSC Profile Account Creation.

Now, we will be breaking down the procedure and all the basic requirements to create NYSC Profile Account while undergoing your NYSC online registration process. Do well to stay in touch to get the final gist on the step by step instructions for NYSC Documents Needed for Registration and all other information as regards NYSC Camp Registration Requirements.


NYSC Registration Mistakes (Date of Birth, Names, Course of Study) 2022 & How to Avoid NYSC Online Registration Errors


How to Create NYSC Profile Account During Online Registration


Here are the steps to undergo NYSC Profile Account on NYSC Portal; 


NYSC registration starts with a profile creation account on NYSC portal as expected.

Thereafter, you will be able to login to your NYSC account to forge ahead to Create NYSC Profile Account during online registration.

The most important thing is to start with login with password and email address.


To begin NYSC Registration follow this guidelines below:



NYSC Documents for Foreign Student Online NYSC Registration & Documents for Nigerian PCMs


How to create profile on NYSC portal


  1. Firstly, visit the NYSC Registration Portal @: http//
  2. Then click on “Mobilization Batch A, 2022”.
  3. Proceed to click on “Create New Account”
  4. Enter your Names [Surname and Other names] in the space provided: e.g. Okorie Victor Kelechi
  5. Afterwards, you enter Email Address: e.g.
  6.  Confirm Email Address: e.g
  7. Password e.g. 4567786
  8. Confirm Password: e.g. 4567786 (write down your password)
  9. Enter GSM No: e.g. 09049014880
  10. Graduated from: e.g Ebonyi of State University, Abakaliki
  11. Program: e.g Full-time program.
  12. Click on the “Continue” button. Once you click on “Continue”, NYSC will send verification message to your provided email address.
  13.  Go to your email address to verify.


Note: During NYSC online registration, you can log out and then log in later to continue your registration from where you stopped to continue to Create NYSC Profile Account much later.

When I was registering by myself back then and I got to a point to thumb-print. I had to log out, and go to cyber cafe then log in to my account and then thumb print. Buh if you have a finger print scanner you can proceed.

Ensure you know your password and email address, so that you can access your NYSC profile at you disposal any time you want.



How to Check NYSC Senate List and NYSC Registration Requirements



Documents Needed for Local Trainees

The only documents Nigerian Trained graduate should upload is “passport photograph.

Other details are to be filled;

  • White  background Passport
  • Know the name of  your Primary, Secondary
  • Tertiary Institution
  •  Know the year you started and finished your Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institution
  • Get a Functional G-Mail Account
  • Matric school reg. Number
  •  Jamb Reg. Number.
  • Blood Group and Genotype, these details will be included in your NYSC ID CARD
  •  You pay *₦3,000* Approximately for Online Remita payment
  • Biro to write down your Username and Password to avoid incorrect Details and Confirm.
  •  Othercharges – cafe charge, printing and photocopies.

Documents Needed for Foreign Trainees During NYSC Online Registration

You will be Scanning and Uploading the Following Documents:_

  • West African School Certificate *(WASSCE)* or General Certificate Examination or NECO or High School Diploma or its Equivalent.
  •  First Higher degree National Diploma (HND) Certificate
  • Transcript of the first Degree or HND.
  • International Travelling Passport showing data page and date of departure for the course of study.
  • Residence Permit


NYSC Registration Requirements & NYSC Camp Entrance Requirement



NYSC Documents for married women


Also, to Create NYSC Profile Account married women must upload the following to make NYSC post you to where your husband reside;

  • Marriage Certificate
  •  Newspaperchange of Name
  • Husband’s ID card
  •  Utility Bill
  • Husband’s domicile letter


NYSC Camp Requirements

How to Create NYSC Profile Account Has Been Dealth with?


Here are the kit needed in NYSC Camp;

  • White Round-necked T-shirts

This outfit is worn everyday throughout the 21-days stay in the NYSC camp. NYSC will give you only

2 these two are of poor quality and may not size you. Also, you may not enjoy wearing only 2 shirts for 3 weeks in camp that you will stay in camp. NYSC Camp Registration Requirements.

  • White shorts

NYSC will also give you 2 pair of shorts, but of poor quality and may not size you. You need like extra pairs so as not to be stranded if it tears.

  •   Whitetennis shoes & white socks

NYSC will provide this, but it’s advisable you get an extra one pair for yourself.

  • Tea or beverages

This is very important for those who would not like the camp watery tea. Some people collect camp tea and then add some spoons from their own tea to make it tick.

  • Toiletries

Antiseptics, insecticides, towel, sanitary pads, pampas, etc. These are essential to help protect you from infections and skin infections. 

  • Mosquitoes Net is very important in NYSC camp

This is very important, I know you wouldn’t like to go to camp and fall sick. Mosquitoes net will protect you from mosquitoes and other camp insects. Take one net with you and rope to tie it to your bunk.

  •  You need Some cash in NYSC camp

You need to go to camp with some cash, there are too many things that cost money in camp. Things like, food, charging phone, taking pictures, laundries, etc.

Also, go with at least N20,000, and also with your ATM card, because there are ATMs in some camp.

  •  Torchlight in NYSC cam

Don’t say you will use your phone touch! Torchlight is important; make sure you buy rechargeable ones.

  • You will need Waist Pouch in NYSC camp

Waste bag or pouch is essential. This will serve as your money keeper, and also as a locker for important items such as phones, money, ID card, keys, ATM cards, and more.

  • Padlocks

It’s important in NYSC camp
You need a padlock to lock your boxes and bags to prevent camp thieves from gaining access to your properties. NYSC Camp Registration Requirements Is available for PCMs 

There are many people who lost many valuable things to the NYSC camp thieves. I know you wouldn’t want to fall a victim.

  • Your phone and power bank in NYSC camp

This is important for communication. If you don’t have a power bank or cell phone, please get one


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Do well to ask questions were necessary as regards NYSC Profile Account Creation and NYSC Online Registration and we will be there to guide you. Join WhatsApp group and Facebook page.

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