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If you have been searching for the procedures to check out on the steps to on How to make Eco Bank Cardless Withdrawal Code and Payment you are actually in the right place and also ensure that you have your phone number registered in the Eco Bank Account. All you need do is to follow the right steps and procedures to Make Eco Bank Cardless Withdrawal Code Payment on Your ATM Machine and POS.

All the Procedure Eco Bank Cardless Withdrawal Code Payment as fast as it ought to be. All you should be needing is to ensure that you have the required information to Check it out. Keep reading for more details on Eco Bank Cardless Withdrawal Code paymentsIt will interest you to know that  but if you are not aware note that Eco Bank Cardless Withdrawal Code supports three (3) different banking platforms for the cardless withdrawal which may include: Internet banking, Mobile banking and USSD. You can now follow the steps below to Withdraw without ATM Using Eco Bank Internet BankingBelow is the guidelines.


How to Activate Eco Bank Cardless withdrawal Code


  • Dial *326# with phone number that you used to open Ecobank account.
    Then proceed and select fund transfer.
    Now, Enter the account number of the recipient and select the bank. Make sure you enter the recipient details correctly.
    Confirm the full details of the recipient and proceed to complete your transaction.
    Enter your 4 digit pin to authorize transaction.
    Now your have completed your transaction.

How to use Eco Bank USSD codes


  • If you have not Registered for Ecobank mobile banking, *326# to activate it. Follow the command on your phone screen

How to check Eco Bank Account Balance


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