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This is to inform the general public that the Elsa-Neumann Scholarships  Application Portal is currently opened to all interested Applicant to apply for the ongoing programme as expected. The requirements and eligibility for Elsa-Neumann Scholarships Application are all available for all interested Applicant as expected.

The Elite Student Scholarship Application for Africans are all giving award to all interested applicant to apply for the scholarship as expected. The jobs are all at the Elsa-Neumann Scholarship. Therefore, all Applicant should do well to note if they are eligible before they apply online.


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How to Apply for Elsa-Neumann Scholarships


General Eligibility for Elsa-Neumann Scholarships


  • Students need to be capable of showing significantly higher than normal achievements, specifically for their undergraduate degrees;
  • Students need to have good cause to believe that the academic projects of the candidates would contribute significantly to the research community as a whole in this area;
  • Students’ applications need to include proof of the student’s skills, a letter from the academic professor and a project work plan indicating the motivation for the choice of the specific subject, the progress of the initial work of the project, a research plan outline and a timeline for the project’s development;
  • Candidates may not necessarily apply for previous public support for the very same project;
  • Scholarships will be awarded based on agreements adopted by the Inter-University Commission for the Awarding of PhD Scholarships, which is composed of representatives appointed by the Senator for Education, Science and Research.



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How to Apply for Elsa-Neumann Scholarships

  • Then enter the information and identity
  • Afterward, upload all documents as expected
  • Then proceed to summit   APPLY HERE 
  • Each year there are two terms, one in April and the other in November. The Board will communicate the exact deadlines.
  • Selected candidates will start getting funds on April 1 or July 1 of the year.


Benefit of Applying for Elsa-Neumann Scholarships Application


Here are the benefits derived from applying for Elsa-Neumann Scholarships Application

  • The basic grant is 1000 euros each month, and an additional 103 euros for equipment expenses;
  • A special allocation for travelling expenses is available. Awards will normally be given for a maximum of two years;
  • Every candidate is responsible for presenting a report on their work and a written declaration from their university professor by the end of the first and second year of the scholarship;
  • The support is given for a term of up to three years;
  • PhD scholarships are awarded for a maximum of one year, with no possible renewal;
  • Scholarship winners are expected to dedicate the majority of the time and energy to the work for this support.

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