UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses for 2023/2024 Admission and Requirements

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UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses are all listed in this update to enable applicant get to know the courses that are available for student to gain admission into the department of their choice.

Every individual who wants to gain admission must know the Courses that are been done in the University of Ilorin faculty, department as well as what it takes to gain admission.

In the same vein, it is left for all individual to know the courses that the University of Ilorin offers in the post graduate study before they are to go ahead with the on line processes and registration. Do well to keep reading to get the full gist of UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses and the Requirements for registration.

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UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses and Admission Requirements

UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses, Faculty and Department


  1. Department of Agricultural Economics and Farm Management
    M.Sc.; Ph.D. Agricultural Economics (with specialization in Agricultural Economics)
  2. Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
    M.Sc.; Ph.D. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
  3. Department of Agronomy
    M.Sc.; Agronomy (with specialization in General Agronomy, Horticulture; Plant Breeding Genetics, Weed Science and Crop Physiology).
    M.Phil/Ph.D., Ph.D. Agronomy with specialization in General Agronomy, Horticulture and Weed Science.
    M.Sc.; Soil Science (with specialization in Soil Microbiology & Biochemical, Soil Fertility and Chemistry, Soil and Water Management, Soil Survey and Land use Evaluations).
    M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Soil Science (with specialization in Genetics, Soil Science, Pedology, Soil Survey and Land Use, Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry)
  4. Department of Crop Protection
    M.Sc.; Ph.D. Crop Protection (with specialization in Entomology; Phyto -Pathology).
  5. UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses
  6. Department of Animal Production
    Postgraduate Diploma in Animal Production
    M.Sc.; MPhil/Ph.D.; Ph.D. Animal Production (with specialization in Animal Nutrition,
    Animal Breeding and Genetics, Animal Physiology).
  7. Department of Home Economics and Food Science
    PGD, M.Sc. Food Science (with specializations in Food Post- Harvest Technology, Plant and Animal Processing and Preservation, Food Safety and Biotechnology).
    M.Sc.; M.Phil/Ph.D.; Ph.D.; Home Economics (with specializations in Home Economics, Family and Child Development, Textiles, Clothing and Fashion Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Home Management).
  8. FACULTY OF ARTS UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses 
  9. . Department of Arabic
  10. M.A.; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Arabic Languages.
  11. M.A.; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Arabic Literature.
    ii. Department of English
    M.A.; M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. English Language
    M.A.; M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. Literature–in–English
    iii. Department of French
    M.A. Literature-in-French (with specialization in African Literature)
    M.A.; Ph.D. French Language (with specialization in Translation)
    iv. Department of Linguistics and Nigerian Languages
    M.A.; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Linguistics;
    M.A.; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Applied Linguistics;
    M.A.; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Yoruba Language
    M.A.; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Yoruba Literature
    v. Department of The Performing Arts
    M.A.; Performing Arts (with specialization in Drama; Music; Dance).
    M.Phil./Ph.D. Performing Arts (with specialization in Drama; Music; Dance).
    Ph.D. Performing Arts (with specialization in Drama; Music; Dance).UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses i. Department of Religions
    M.A.; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Christian Studies.
    M.A.; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Comparative Religious Studies
    M.A.; Islamic Studies
    vii. Department of History and International Studies
    M.A. History and International Studies.
    viii. Centre for Peace and Strategic Studies
    M.A.; Ph.D. Peace and Development Studies. (with specialization in Conflict
    Management and Peace Building, Security and Strategic Studies, Peace and
    Environmental Studies and Peace and Development Journalism)
    M.A. Peace and Security Studies; M.A. Peace and Strategic Studies.
    i. Department of Anatomy
    M.Sc.; Anatomy (with specialization in Neuroanatomy; Molecular Endocrinology;
    Physical Anthropology; Developmental Biology, and Reproductive Biology).
    M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Anatomy (with specialization in Neuroanatomy, Molecular
    Endocrinology, Developmental Biology, and Reproductive Biology).
    ii. Department of Medical Microbiology & Parasitology
    M.Sc.; Ph.D. Medical Microbiology and Parasitology (with specialization in Bacteriology, Virology, Mycology, Parasitology)
    iii. Department of Physiology
    M.Sc.; M.Phil/Ph.D.; Ph.D. Physiology (with specialization in Cardiovascular
    Physiology; Endocrinology and Metabolism; Membrane Physiology; Neurophysiology).
    iv. Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
    M.Sc.; Ph.D. Pharmacology
    i. Department of Epidemiology and Community Health
    Master of Community Health (M.Comm.H.); (with specialization in Tropical Public
    Health, Epidemiology and Community Health, Occupational Health, Environmental
    Health, Health Management and Health Education).
    Master in Public Health (MPH) (with specialization in Tropical Public Health,
    Epidemiology and Community Health, Occupational Health, Environmental Health,
    Health Management, Health Education).
    Ph.D. Public Health (with specialization in Epidemiology).
    ii. Department of Paediatrics and Child Health
    M.Sc. Tropical Paediatrics
    Ph.D. Tropical Paediatrics
    i. Department of Library and Information Science
    Master in Library and Information Science (MLIS)
    Ph.D. Library and Information Science
    ii. Department of Mass Communication
    M.Sc.; Ph.D. Mass Communication (with specialization in Print Journalism, Broadcast Journalism and Public Relation & Advertising).
    i. Department of Educational Technology
    Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Technology (PGDET).
    M.Ed.; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D.; Educational Technology (with specialization in Assistive Technology, Distance Education, E- Learning and Instructional Technology)
    ii. Department of Health Promotion and Environmental Health Education
    M.Ed.; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Health Education ( with specialization in Primary Health Care, Reproductive and Family Health, Drug Education, Safety Health Education, Nutritional Education, and Community Health Education).
    M.Ed. Public Health Education (M.PHE) (with specialization in Drug Education, Primary Health care, Community Health Education, Reproductive and Family Health, Safety Health Education).
    i. Department of Human Kinetic Education
    M.Sc. (Ed.); M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D.; Human Kinetics (with specialization in Administration and Management of Human Kinetics and Sports Exercise and Sport Science, Recreation and Tourism).
    ii. Department of Science Education
    M.Ed.; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Science Education (with specialization in Physics, Chemistry and Biology);
    M.Phil./Ph.D. Curriculum Development in Science Education
    M.Phil./Ph.D.; Mathematics Education
    iii. Department of Social Sciences Education
    M.Ed., M.Phil./Ph.D., Social Studies Education
    M.Ed., M.Phil./Ph.D., Curriculum Development
    M.Ed., M.Phil./Ph.D.; Educational Psychology
    M.Ed. Sociology of Education
    vi. Department of Arts Education
    M.Ed. History & Policy of Education
    M.Ed. Philosophy of Education
    vii. Counsellor Education
    M.Ed.; Ph.D.; Educational Guidance and Counselling
    viii. Educational Management
    M.Ed. Educational Management
    i. Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
    M.Eng.; Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (with specialization in Soil and Water Conservation, Irrigation and Drainage Engineering; Farm Power and Machinery Engineering; Agro-Product Processing Food Engineering, Aqua cultural Engineering; Renewable Energy Engineering).
    M.Phil./Ph.D. Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (with specialization in Farm Power and Machinery Engineering, Soil and Water conservation, Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, Agro-Product Processing and Food Engineering, Renewable Energy).
    Ph.D. Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (Farm Power and Machinery Engineering, Soil and Water Conservation, Irrigation and Drainage, Agro-Production & Food Engineering).
    ii. Department of Chemical Engineering
    M.Eng.; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Chemical Engineering (with specialization in Polymer Engineering, Pollution Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Transport Process Engineering).
    iii. Department of Mechanical Engineering
    M.Eng. Mechanical Engineering (with specialization in Production Engineering, Thermofluids Engineering, Materials and Metallurgical Engineering).
    Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering (Production Engineering; Thermofluids Engineering, Material and Metallurgical Engineering)
    i. Department of Common Law
    LL.M; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Common Law.
    ii Department of Islamic Law
    LL.M; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Islamic Law.
    i. Department of Biochemistry
    M.Sc.; Ph.D. Biochemistry.
    ii. Department of Microbiology
    M.Sc.; M.Phil./Ph.D.;. Ph.D. Microbiology (with specialization in Industrial Microbiology; Environmental Microbiology; Medical & Veterinary Microbiology).
    iii Department of Plant Biology
    PGD; M.Sc., M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Plant Biology (with specialization in Plant Anatomy and Taxonomy, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Lower Plants, Herbal Medicine, Plant Diversity and Environmental Management.
    iv. Department of Zoology
    M.Sc. Zoology (with specialization in Cell Biology and Genetics, Entomology, Fisheries and Hydrobiology, Parasitology).
    Ph.D. Zoology (with specialization in Entomology, Fisheries and Hydrobiolgy and Parasitology).
    i. Department of Business Administration
    M.Sc.; M.Phil/Ph.D.; Ph.D. Business Administration (with specialization in General Management, Marketing Management, Human Resources Management, Operation Management).
    i. Department of Mathematics
    M.Sc., M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Mathematics (with specialization in Optimization; Fluid Mechanics; Analytical Dynamics; Numerical Analysis; Algebra; Complex Analysis; Mathematical Modeling; Functional Analysis, Real Analysis, Operator Algebra).
    ii. Department of Chemistry
    Postgraduate Diploma in Chemistry.
    M.Sc; Chemistry (with specialization in Physical Inorganic; Organic; Analytical; Environmental).
    M.Phil/Ph.D. Chemistry (with specialization in Physical; Inorganic, Analytical, Organic).
    Ph. D. Chemistry (with specialization in Physical, Inorganic, Analytical , Organic).
    iii. Department of Industrial Chemistry
    M.Sc.; M.Phil./Ph.D. and Ph.D. Industrial Chemistry (with specialization in Analytical /Environmental Chemistry, Food and Nutrition Chemistry, Medicinal / Natural Product Chemistry).
    iv. Department of Physics
    M.Sc.; Ph.D. Physics (with specialization in Radio Propagation and Space/Communication Physics; Ionospheric Physics; Solid State and Materials’ Science; Theoretical and Mathematical Physics; Solar Energy and Solar Radiation Physics; Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics).
    v. Department of Statistics
    Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics (PGDS) (with specialization in Design of Exponent, Sample Survey, Biostatistics, Quality Control, Categorical Data Analysis).
    M.sc.; M.Phil./Ph.D;. Ph.D. Statistics ( with specialization in Statistical Quality Control, Biostatistics, Sample Survey and Demography, Multivariate Analysis, Econometrics, Mathematical Statistics).
    vi. Department of Geology and Mineral Sciences
    Postgraduate Diploma Geology (with specialization in Petroleum Geology/Sedimentology, Engineering Geology, Hydrogeology, Solid Minerals, Applied Geophysical).
    M.Sc.; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Geology (with specialization in Petroleum Geology, Sedimentology, Engineering Geology, Hydrogeology, Solid Minerals, Applied Geophysics).
    i. Department of Economics
    M.Sc.; Ph.D. Economics.
    ii. Department of Political Science UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses .Sc.; Ph.D. Political Science (with specialization in Comparative Politics and International Relations).
    iii. Department of Sociology
    M.Sc.; Sociology (with specialization in Industrial Sociology; Criminology; Medical Sociology).
    iv. Department of Geography and Environmental Management
    M.Sc.; M.Phil./Ph.D. Geography and Environmental Management (with specializations in Climatology, Geomorphology, Biogeography, Hydrology and Water Resources, Social Geography, Remote Sensing, Regional Development, Population Geography, Urban Geography, Rural Geography, Settlement Geography, Transport Geography, Housing Studies, Agricultural Geography, Medical Geography, Gender Studies, Tourism and Recreation, Resource Management).

UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses Admission General Requirements.

  1. 1. Ph.D. Degree Programmes
    These are available to holders of M.A; M.Ed.; M.Eng.; M.Sc.; LL.M; M.Comm.H.; and M.P.H degrees, with a minimum of 60% or cumulative Grade Point Average score in their Master degree programmes. A Ph.D. degree programme runs for a minimum period of 36 calendar months and a maximum period of 48 calendar months for full-time candidates OR a minimum period of 48 calendar months and a maximum period of 60 calendar months for part-time candidates. Relevant Courses will be taken for the Ph.D. studies where prescribed and a Thesis is required at the end of the Ph.D. programme. Source Mummylizzysblog.com.ng
    2. M.Phil /Ph.D. Degree Programmes
    • Candidates who score between 55.00 and 59.99 percent Cumulative Grade Point Average can apply for admission into the Master of Philosophy (M.Phil/Ph.D.) degree programme. The M.Phil/Ph.D. degree programme is available only to full-time candidates. It runs for a minimum period of 12 calendar months and a maximum period of 24 calendar months and a dissertation is produced after the research work. Candidates in this category are eligible for conversion to Ph.D. candidature, following a progress assessment report to be made by a Panel of Examiners at the end of the first session of registration. To be eligible for conversion for the Ph.D. program, candidates are expected to score not less than 60% (aggregate) at the end of the first session.
  2. 3. Master Degree Programmes
  3. • M.A.; M.Ed.; M.Eng.; M.Sc.; M.Com.H., LL.M and M.P.H. degrees run for a minimum period of 24 calendar months and a maximum period of 36 calendar months for full-time candidates OR a minimum period of 36 calendar months and a maximum period of 48 calendar months for part-time candidates. All Master Degree Programmes are by course work. This is in addition to a research report at the end of which a dissertation is produced
  4. 4. Postgraduate Diploma Degree Programmes
    • Postgraduate Diploma degrees are available to candidates with a Third class (honours) degree.
    5. UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses  General Information.

1. The Postgraduate session for Postgraduate programmes is 12 calendar months, commencing on 2nd October and ending on 30th September of the following year. The 12 calendar months start to count automatically from the date of first registration.
2. Applicants are to note that, programmes automatically lapses at the expiration of the maximum duration for each programme. However, a candidate may apply for an extension of not more than 12 months, in the first instance, subject to a maximum of two such extensions.

Niger Delta Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme Procedures

UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses Qualification

Requirement for UNILORIN Specific Programmes for the Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science shall satisfy one of the following:

  • A minimum of first degree in any of the following disciplines from a recognised University: Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences or the Humanities.
  • And in Computer Science or Engineering from recognized Polytechnics with a minimum of Lower Credit; and
  • HND in any other discipline different from those in (ii) but preferably from Sciences or Social Sciences
  • With a minimum of Lower Credit from a recognized Polytechnic or equivalent Institution, with at least one year cognate experience.
  • Applicants for Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics shall satisfy one of the following:
  • A minimum of an honour’s degree from a recognized University in any of Science and Social Science disciplines;
  • HND in Statistics from a recognized Polytechnic with a minimum of Lower Credit

How to Apply for UNILORIN Postgraduate Application

  • All Applicant should Apply Here 
  • Fill form correctly
  • Upload all necessary documents
  • Then Proceed to submit.
  • You are good to go.


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