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This is to bring to the general public that Northwestern University MSHE Admission Form is currently ongoing and on sale. If you meet the right requirements and Eligibility it is important to know what it takes to apply for the ongoing Northwestern Master in Science in Higher Education Screening Form and note how to apply for the Northwestern University MSHE Postgraduate below in Northwestern University School of Education & Social Policy.

In this regards we will be showing you how to go about the online application on Northwestern University MSHE Admission Form. It is important you do well to know the basic requirements, courses offered, screening Date and procedure for registration as well procedure.

How to Apply for Northwestern University MSHE Admission Form

Master in Science Higher Education

Admissions decisions are based on a holistic evaluation of an applicant’s academic and leadership achievements, motivation, professional performance, and potential as a higher education administrator.

Northwestern University MSHE Admission Form Degree Options


Matriculated students are candidates for the master’s degree. The average successful matriculated applicant has the following profile:

  1. Undergraduate GPA: 3.4/4
  2. GRE Verbal: 160 (86th percentile)
  3. GRE Quantitative: 154 (66th percentile)
  4. GRE Analytical Writing: 4.75
    Please note that these are average, not minimum, scores. If applicants take the GRE exam multiple times, we will use the highest score from each section.


Non-matriculated students are not yet candidates for the master’s degree. Primary reasons why some students choose to apply as non-matriculated students are:

The student does not have anyone who can serve as an academic reference (this often happens with students who have been out of school for a while and have lost contact with their previous instructors).

The student has not yet taken the GRE but wants to begin taking courses.

The student does not know whether they want to earn a master’s degree or a Higher Education Certificate but does want to take some courses in the program.

Non-matriculated students may take up to four courses before they must either apply to matriculate or choose to earn the Higher Education Certificate.

Northwestern University MSHE Admission Form Application Requirements

  • Matriculated Non-Matriculated1
    Previous education course work or experience is not required Previous education course work or experience is not required
    Online application:
  1. 4 essays
  2. Online application:
  3. Statement of purpose
  4. All undergraduate and graduate academic transcripts* All undergraduate and graduate academic transcripts*
  5. Resume Resume
  6. Two letters of recommendation (one must be academic)
    $100 US application fee (nonrefundable)** $100 US application fee (nonrefundable)**
  7. GRE scores (may petition to waive or substitute)
  8. TOEFL score (see international requirements)
    *The transcript GPA(s) is an important indicator of an applicant’s academic capabilities and can not be lower than a 3.0.
    **To request the fee waiver, send a message detailing why you need to request the waiver to our admissions coordinator at
    1Through a separate application process, Non-Matriculated students may apply to the master’s degree program.

Note : All coursework successfully completed as a Non-Matriculated student will count toward degree requirements. Students who choose not to apply for matriculation may earn the Higher Education Certificate instead by completing a fifth course.

  • Students who earn the certificate are no longer eligible to earn the master’s degree.
    Online Application Form
  • Under “Program and Degree,” select “Master of Science in Higher Education Administration Program.”
  • Under “Type of Application,” select “Matriculated” or “Non-Matriculated” as appropriate.
  • Transcripts reflecting all undergraduate and graduate level coursework and degrees earned are submitted separately from the online application.
  • Unofficial copies of transcripts will be accepted during the application review process.
  • Should an applicant be accepted into the MSHE program and choose to enroll, official transcripts must be sent directly from each institution to our office prior to course enrollment.

Whenever possible, transcripts and transcript evaluations should be sent electronically to; If necessary, hard copies may be mailed to:
MS in Higher Education Administration and Policy
Attention: Admissions
1800 Sherman Avenue, Suite 7300
Evanston, IL 60208

Northwestern University MSHE Admission Form GRE Requirements

  • Submit scores to code 8844 (not 1565 NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY)
    If you take the GRE multiple times, we will use the highest score from each section, even if those scores appear on different test dates.
  • GRE scores are valid up to five years after the test date.
  • Petitioning to Substitute the GRE
    Applicants may petition to submit GMAT or LSAT scores in place of the GRE when applying for matriculated status.
  • Please email our admissions coordinator at
    Petitioning to Waive the GRE
  • Applying as a Matriculated Student

Applicants may petition to waive the GRE when applying for matriculated status if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • Applicant is a currently enrolled undergraduate who has achieved senior standing with a GPA of 3.3 or higher;
  • Applicant has earned a bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 3.3 or higher;
  • Applicant has earned a doctoral degree (MD, JD, PhD, EdD).
  • Any applicant seeking to waive the GRE must first participate in an information session with the MSHE
  • Enrollment Manager (view schedule and sign-up here).
  • These are the only circumstances under which the GRE will be waived for direct admission as a matriculated student.
  • The admissions committee will review the petition to waive the GRE in context of the applicant’s overall application.
  • A petition to waive the GRE is not considered conclusive or approved until the admissions committee reviews the application in its entirety.
  • Applying as a Non-Matriculated Student Northwestern University MSHE Admission Form
  • The program does offer a possible path for admission for degree without the GRE; this requires admission first as a non-matriculated student.
  • A student who wishes to request a waiver of the GRE and who does not meet one of the above qualifications, may apply for admission as a non-matriculated student.
  • Admitted non-matriculated students may then petition to waive the GRE at a later date, as part of the application to transition to matriculated status.
  • Applying as an enrolled Non-Matriculated Student Seeking to Matriculate

Non-matriculated MSHE students who wish to change to matriculated status may petition to waive the GRE requirement if all of the following criteria have been met:

  • Applicant has at least three years of full-time work experience (higher education experience is preferred but not required)

Applicant has successfully completed at least 3 MSHE core courses as outlined below with a GPA of at least 3.5 and no individual course grade lower than a “B”:

  1. Course #1 – MSHE 460 Proseminar in Higher Education
  2. Course #2 – MSHE 462 The College Student OR MSHE 466 Budgeting and Finance in Higher Education
  3. Course #3 – MSHE 462 OR MSHE 466 OR MSHE 467 History and Philosophy of Higher Education OR a MSHE
  4. Leadership Course (473, 477 or 479)

Applicant supplies an academic recommendation from a MSHE faculty member from a completed MSHE core course as one of the required recommendations

  • Applicant completes all other requirements for applying from non-matriculated status to matriculated status, including the online application
    Petitions to waive or substitute the GRE are never guaranteed.
  • The decision to grant a waiver or substitution rests with the MSHE admissions committee and is determined in joint consideration with the rest of a candidate’s application materials.

Additional Information for Northwestern University MSHE Admission Form

  • For more information please email the MSHE admissions coordinator at

Northwestern University MSHE Admission Form International Applicants

  • Due to visa requirements, all international applicants must apply for the “matriculated” status.
  • In order to make the visa process run as smoothly as possible, it is important that the name you supply on your application for admission match the name of your passport exactly.
  • In addition, the address you supply on your application must be a street address — it cannot be a PO box.

About Northwestern University MSHE Admission Form

Distinctive Features of the Program

Broad Curriculum
  • Our curriculum is designed to expose students to the full institutional and social context of the American higher education system.
  • The course of study helps students to consider all of the important factors and stakeholders that will impact their professional practice.
  • Experience with a wide range of careers and functions within higher education gives graduates career flexibility and helps them discover what types of positions most closely fit their interests.

Diversity as a Valued Resource

  • Our students come from a vast array of educational and professional backgrounds. Some students have years of experience in higher education, and others are just launching their careers.
  • Still others are making career changes, often from fields such as law, teaching, engineering, banking and many others.
  • This diversity adds depth to classroom discussions as students share their experience and viewpoints with their peers in a uniquely collaborative context.

Research and Inquiry

  • The Master’s Project allows students to conduct in-depth research on a current issue in higher education and contribute to the knowledge in their field. Students gain research and assessment skills that they will utilize continuously in their professional practice.
  • As a result, our alumni are able to address the real-world problems that exist in higher education today through systematic study and deliberate action.

Authentic Experience

  • We believe that students’ own passions and experiences should guide their learning.
  • Therefore, our courses offer flexibility for students to examine areas of particular interest within each topic.
  • The Master’s Project and internship experience(s) give students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the issues within higher education that are most important to them.

Connecting Theory to Practice

  • Courses in the Higher Education Administration and Policy Program are taught by practitioners and researchers with a wealth of experience in higher education.
  • The instructors help students connect what they are learning in the classroom with what they will encounter in their professional practice.
  • Students who are working full-time or completing an internship can start implementing what they learn in their courses right away.

Exceptional Career Placement

  • More than 90 percent of our graduates have jobs within three months of graduation.
  • The program offers a variety of high-quality career and networking services, including interviewing and resume workshops, networking opportunities, salary negotiation workshops, career panels with practitioners in the field of higher education, and one-on-one career coaching.
  • Additionally, students benefit from a strong network of talented colleagues that includes classmates, instructors and distinguished alumni.

Flexible Scheduling

  • The master’s degree can be completed on either a full-time or part-time basis. Full-time students can complete the degree in four (4) quarters / twelve (12) months.
  • Part-time students can complete the degree in as little as (6) quarters / eighteen (18) months years.
  • Each course meets just once per week in the evenings to allow students to work or obtain internships during the day.
  • Full-time students can start program in either Summer or Fall term. Part-time students can start the program in all terms except Spring term.

How to Apply for Northwestern University MSHE Admission Form

Master in Science Higher Education

  • Visit University Application form
    Then proceed to Apply here
  • Fill all necessary documents
  • Ensure you have a working email that enables you to receive PIN
  • Submit application with all necessary documents

Application Portal

Application Deadlines

  • The MS in Higher Education Administration and Policy degree has rolling admissions, and students may begin taking courses in the summer, fall or winter quarter. However, full-time students who want to complete the master’s degree in one year must begin in the summer or fall quarter. Full-time degree applicants who apply by the early admission deadline have the best chance of being awarded partial tuition scholarships, graduate assistantships, and paid internships.

Regular Admission Deadlines

Desired Entrance Quarter All Application Material

Summer or Fall 2022
Early Admission Deadline: January 7, 2022 (to receive best consideration for partial tuition scholarships, graduate assistantships, and paid internships) June 20, 2022
Sept. 20, 2022

Summer 2022
Matriculated: May 16, 2022
International applicants encouraged to submit their application by April 11, 2022 for visa processing purposes.
Non-matriculated/Certificate: May 31, 2022
June 20, 2022

Fall 2022
Matriculated: August 15, 2022
International applicants encouraged to submit their application by July 11, 2022 for visa processing purpose
Non-matriculated/Certificate: August 29, 2022
Sept. 22, 2022


Application Portal

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