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The United Nations Africa BIS Grant 2022 Application Portal is opened to interested candidate who is a skill expert either a male or a female. It is therefore important to note that anyone that wants to apply for the UNECA Grant Recruitment Portal should do well to apply online for grant of $10,000 to $25,000. All the requirements and eligibility are all listed in this update stay put.

Moreover, any Applicant who which to apply for the United Nations Africa BIS Grant 2022 Application Portal for 2022 should do well to read up this article inorder not to make any form of mistake duringKeep scrolling to know what it takes to apply for the United Nations Africa BIS Grant 2022 Application PortalFor more details on United Nations Africa BIS Grant 2022 Application Portal check below.


How to Apply for UNECA BIS Grant 2022 

  • B.I.S Grant 2022 Application. The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa B.I.S (Business. Idea. Startup) Grant awards $25,000 to Africans with innovative ideas, brilliant startups and growing businesses.


UNECA Application Breakdown

  • This is a grant for Businesses, Ideas & Startups whether it’s just an idea or an established business, the programme is structured to assist you access funds.

Who are the Target Audience?

  • Citizens from 54 member countries of the African Union.

What is the Grant Prize?

  • 5,000 participants would be selected to receive a grant of $25,000 in cash and $10,000 in training.

Basic Eligibility

B.I.S Grant Programme Structure

  • B.I.S Grant aims to empower Africans to thrive in a daunting economy by equipping them with financing, training and mentorship.

Stages to Acquire United Nations Africa BIS Grant 

The process to acquire our grant is categorised into three stages which includes:

  1. Application Stage
  2. Interview Stage
  3. Verification Stage

Application Stage

  • Firstly, applicants shall apply via the online form below. Within 4-5 working days, an applicant should receive a positive or negative feedback from the assessment team.

Interview Stage

  • Applicants who receive positive feedbacks shall have a virtual interview with a United Nations assessment representative. Within 48-72 hours, the interview result should be disclosed.

Verification Stage

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